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Find out more about the brand's collections and the inspiration to create each one of them.

2ⁿᵈ Biennale of Huichol Art

A selection of our products will be in display at the premier exhibition of Huichol art around the world from January to March 2021. Current locations are: the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Cancun and Ikal Hotel in Tulum

Our company was awarded the certificate for "Fair Trade and Commercial Responsibility" for its work within the indigenous community.


"Thanks to our collaborations with the silk products during the pandemic, we were able to earn enough money to live, specially to buy food."

Angeles and Sotero (Art Crafters)

With the arte huichol integrations in the handbags collection, we were able to help 6 families in an indigenous community from a very marginalized area in the state of Jalisco.

Jorge (Founder Arte Yawí Foundation )


Where can you find us?

Our unique products are currently available for purchase at these locations:

Mexico City: Futura at Barrio Alameda (click below for their address)

Cancun: Presidente Intercontinental Hotel

Tulum: Ikal Tulum Hotel

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