Our Impact

In Hayet Abdala we are committed to improving the quality life of the people involved with this amazing project.

Unfortunately, there are many indigenous communities in Mexico that live in vulnerable conditions and our main goal is to help them by creating hand on hand one of a kind accessories that enhance people's outfits with a unique touch of tradition, avant-garde design and a high ending touch.


Hayet Abdala was recognized by Arte Yawí as a socially responsible company for its work and fair dealing with the artisans and different indigenous communities in Mexico.

The brand's mission is to create unique luxury accessories to enrich people's outfits with original designs, highlighting Mexican culture and contributing to the well-being of the communities that participate in their development.

Today's Impact

San Andrés Cohamiata, Jalisco

  • 50 People benefited

  • 5 Families

  • 83% Women

Mexico City, Mexico

  • 4 Artisans employed

  • 3 Families

  • 75% Women

Our Presence

Social Responsibility Alliance

In February 2020, Hayet Abdala began working in partnership with Arte Yawí, an organization recognized by UNESCO that promotes the artistic work from marginalized indigenous communities.

The purpose of this alliance is to create unique pieces of arte huichol that can be integrated in the brand's collections, while also achieving an economic benefit for the artisans who play a part in the production of the pieces.

Working Together As A Team